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How much are you charging for the great advice on Goldman.
The financial service industry has cut off its right hand to satisfy its left. How does anyone make money when jobs are still being lost. Have you checked out how many jobs have been eliminated in 2010 already. When tax revenue in States are cut in half.
What Caused the Drop? Its amazing people pay you to ask them question you should know the answers to!


Ruckus, I'm not sure where you are coming from in your comment, but our question was posed to help us and other investors gauge overall sentiment in the market right now.


You seem surprised by the 5% drop.

What Caused the Drop? Unemployment.

The market is the people. When you eliminate the people you decimate the market. So how is the market going to survive. Why don't you go to a unemployment center, talk to some folks. Maybe you can get a good gauge of the market.

Eric Davis

I don't get to vote

"Loc Ness Monster"

Samuel S.

Yes, what happened to provoke the drop in the first place?

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