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How about Israel's PEG ?

Eric Bingen

And what about Germany's PEG? Poland's?

Wei Chen

Many Chinese companies are listed in Hong Kong. So they have the P/E of Hang Seng index (if a company is listed in both Shanghai and Hong Kong, its shares are most likely to be more expensive in Shanghai; the discrepancy is due to China's capital control policy), but the growth rate of China. So the logical conclusion is Chinese companies listed in Hong Kong are relatively most attractive: 22.65 / 9.4 = 2.41

It's easy to buy such an ETF in Hong Kong.

Nancy Spee

Sorry, don't buy it. Some of the most risky due to their status as financial/business hubs at the top with lots of debt, some at the midway and bottom with commodities (Canada, Australia). I certainly would not write off Japan either. High Growth equals risk in my book and not value. A bit like the lie everyone is being told things are going to get better. Yeah, right, just after everything gets worse and most of us in our gut know it. In a world of food shortages and energy shortages why would one invest in Singapore, Hongkong. China is likely to keep all it own energy for itself plus import more. Crops are being wiped out left, right and centre in the northern hemisphere - and even as a breadbasket India is having difficulties feeding its own. Maybe India wants to own gold and silver so that it's currency is strong enough to buy in these things later. After all starvation has in history been caused more from poverty than lack of resources. Australia's farmland is also suffering. At least Canada, Australia do have farmland and commodities.

Stan Carlyon

Query the P/E ratio for Australia. Don't have details but believe the figure would be high teens.
Further,Australia might be seen as a commodity based economy, but tellingly, has one of the soundest banking systems of all (no sub prime, virtually no exposure to high risk nations in Europe).


Do guide for Pakistani also, where and how to invest.

Rajiv Kaushik

Actually it's quite new idea to me.But professionals invent always new to fit the end they tailor the means.So no worry. They are always inventing something new to sell their own theories.In fact this the Q/E that is generating so much money that has to be invested elsewhere and the amount is so big that can not be utilized selling the old conventional theories like P/E so why not PEG, after all this there business of marketing. We can understand the smart guys has to be innovative.

Hostess milano

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