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Market is saying stocks were undervalued during the start of the year. Nothing more. To truley determine if the market 'likes' Obama, you would need to set up a parallel universe where McCain or someone else became president and compare the market performance of the two environments. There is very little I hate more than (invalid) conclusions made from market action.


Or at least good for finance and the market. The economy may be a different story.

Kirk Kinder

One needs to look at the entire term or Presidency to make any judgement like this. Reagan saw an 11% decline in his first year in office, but I suspect most investors would love to have the next seven years equal Reagan's last seven.


Sia, The 'Obama bull market' is being compared to all other presidential starts, not some counter factual as you claim. You'd better get your "hate" reset, because you're the one who's creating a false conclusion, called a "straw man."


KK, I would not want more Reagan debts and deficits nor anther S&L debacle. We can't have another GOP-engineered real estate collapse or debt explosion (recall as of today we've only been on the Obama budget for a couple months. I know you won't believe that, but it's true, the '08/'09 $1.4T deficit was Bush's last budget.)

It may help naysayers to note that the current Commander-in-Chief suggested buying stocks days from the absolute low...


...but from their strident "hate," false recollections about the Reagan debacle, and lack of understanding of the structural deficits Bush has left us with, I doubt they'll listen.


VennData, what you said made no sense. I was referring to bespoke concluding: "While there are many who argue that Obama's policies will hurt business and the economy, so far the market is saying that his critics are wrong." I am not sure what a 'counter factual' is, nor do I think it is an actual term. Moreover, the only conclusion I made was that it is impossible to assess a president via the market behavior.

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