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Just keep in mind, the background during that time in the early 80s...interest rates embarked on a secular trend lower, labor unionism was being broken with deregulation. Government was shrinking, inflation was starting its downtrend. The credit expansion was just starting and the baby boomers were 25 now 52.

Now, it is just the opposite.

Aluminium trailer

If your claim has not expired and you still have money left to use, then you would just reopen the claim. Your last employer is what will be used to determine your eligibility. The weekly benefit amount will stay the same as it was, once you open a claim you are locked into that amount for the life of the claim (no matter if you work a temp job and earn more money).Thank you.

Sharon Proellochs

Despite the economic forecasts that still show job losses set to climb even higher, there are a few companies that are still experiencing growth. The J. Lodge Corporation, a quality call services company, has sustained profitability since 1999 and accredits its success solely to its unique employee model that consists of disabled business Americans. While other companies are outsourcing their jobs to foreign competitors, J.Lodge is striving to provide part-time careers for individuals who are interested in our company and who qualify for our positions. If anyone is interested please visit: http://www.jlodge.com/careers

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