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Does anyone have any experience using Bloodhound Investment Research? It looks like an interesting investment tool, but I'd love to hear from others. The site is www.bloodhoundsystem.com


John smith

So a high level of bullishness may mean something or it may not. And if it does mean something we don't know what it means. It could mean that the stockmarket is about to go down or it could mean that it will continue to go up. We will only know what it means in the future when we look back. Then we will be able to say "Remember that time in November 2009 when bullishness was high? Well that was obviously a sign of the crash of Jan 2010. Gee I wish I'd paid attention.", or we might say "Remember that time in November 2009 when bullishness was high, just as the greatest bull market in history had begun? Gee I wish I'd listened to those people.".


Of course - not to be too cynical or anything - presumably newslatter writers have increased subscriptions when things are on an uptick!

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