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Well, GS basically runs the finance dept of the government. It got the "bailout" first, so it is definitely a leading indicator, since it gets to use the inflated currency first.

There are two ways to go with this astute observation: one is that the inflated money will get around to push stocks even further up since the dollar is weak, exports are rising and commodities are rising, thus GS is not that important as an indicator or

2)There is a top coming and a big correction is due soon.

I lean toward scenario 1, but how long it will last is questionable, my guess is until early next year.

***But is GS goes into a downtrend, I will limit bullish plays and go neutral/bearish.


Well for one, the profits are going to bonuses and not share repurchases. Also, most of the trading gains which account for 90% of this year's total earnings come from investments and trading, which in fixed-income and equities have little upside. I believe most of the money was made from the tremendous rallies in principal investments as opposed to wide spreads in market making.


maybe if goldman spent less money on bonus' and returned some of it to the shareholders its stock would return the favor!

jack exton

John Paulson just sold all of his G.S. and bought Citigroup, that alone should be enough information.

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