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looks like we have a target of 140% above the 200day. yowsa!


great post!! was looking was this kinda info.
yes my interpretation of this - gold being 20% above 200 DMA is very bullish indeed.This is a 2 zigma move that increases the probability of higher moves to 3 sigma. that is say +30% above 200 DMA.
Please give us more on the same lines for eg. 200 DMA spread of Oil.


It appears to be bullish longer term, but bearish short term.


Jim P.

Trader-Tax is back on the table in Jobs Bill:


Wondering if you had an opinion on how this will impact the market.

Regards, Jim P


The current gold bullmarket started in 2000. This leg up that started a couple of months ago looks similar to the ones in 2006 and 2008 so the spread could easily move to +30% which gives a target of at least $1300. There were some minor corrections in 2006 and 2008, but they didn´t exceed -5%...

Here´s a chart I created yesterday on the same theme as the Bespoke post:


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