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Paul Harper

General feeling seems to indicate that BRIC is becoming a defunct acronym ... have been bullish on Russia, am bullish on Russia right now & will be bullish going forward.

Don't get me wrong, have had a couple of bold bear streaks in the mix too.

Right now, I think Russia still has a lot of upside, if the rouble can stabilise, we may be looking at another swift leg up on energy prices.

heres hoping.


Russia is different than most countries. They close the markets unless they are going the way the party bosses want!

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You do have an advantage as a nation when you can pull the plug when things are going beyond (generally, below) expectations.

In the chart I'm mostly curious about what happened around the 850 level. That area is a complete trend reversal on a dime.

Generally momentum levels off and floats before a trend reversal. But it happened effectively over-night in the chart.

But the players around 950 could had not anticipated it going under 950 at the time, and when it came back around made sure it stayed above 950 for the time being.

Take a long look and you'll notice it.

Pure speculation, and it is Russia after all.


I understand RSX is the ETF that tracks Russia markets. It is one of the International ETFs whose daily timing signals are available to Silver members here: http://invetrics.com


Russian market felt of a cliff in 2008, more then any BRIC market I think, so it's 100% normal to rise more then any other market in a up trend.


Dear Bespoke!
As being a trader on MICEX for a while and living in Moscow, please, do note that RTS is not an accurate stock indicator. Its average daily volume is only $5 million. The leading russian stock market is MICEX http://www.micex.com/ (where trades based on RUB, not on $ like on RTS).


chart of both nicely depicts it.

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