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Andre Payne

Yes, the manipulation continues.


that's crazy


Interesting. How many other month over month charts look like that also? If this is the only on in say 10 years of charts then something weird is a foot. Otherwise it is probably what happens when a market is trending.


Maybe Obama like Clinton thinks anything
is possible with a rising market. The problem with that is smply American comsumerism is dead. And that means that we lost about 65% of our country's collective buying power. It is gone and regardless of the market, there will not be a sustainable recovery here or anywhere else in the world because this buying power is not coming back in the near future.

Note the words of the Chief IMF Economist: " The United States can no longer afford to be the economic engine of the world based on easy credit and excessive debt. Thus, Obama's actions to create four times the debt that Bush created in eight years in just nine months bodes ill winds for our future.



Great article. Hadn't thought about this aspect.

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