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Is there any end to Apple's progress. While Google is all pervasive, Apple is uber cool. I must admit I can't understand how their high-prices goods are doing so well in a recession


Motorola has just unveiled the DROID phone for the Verizon network.

When it comes to wireless, and mobile phones, Motorola is the company that literally CREATED THE MARKET.

If this phone is as good as early articles indicate, it will make tons of money for the company. That may take away some sales from Apple, although the overall market is growing and both companies should continue benefiting.

Yes, both Apple's and Motorola's stock have become much more expensive, and may consolidate a bit from here.

However, using a good market timing system can help an investor profit both from the upside and downside of the stock and the overall market.

Consider http://invetrics.com

Its daily DJIA index trading signal is up a respectable 64.84% for the year (as of October 19, 2009) and it is free of charge for individual investors!

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