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Great piece of research.


Why does Kingsbury have information prior to the public release. Or who do they buy it from? Should that be permitted?

Ilene (http://philsbackupsite.wordpress.com/ or www.philstockworld.com)

Paul Hickey

They have it early because they compile the data.


Wow! No wonder "joe average" can't make money consistently in day trading - the deck is almost certainly stacked against him! Talk about the "house" always winning....

Joe Calhoun


If you can't afford the $200 to get the report early, you shouldn't be day trading. Actually, I would argue you shouldn't be day trading at all, but to each his own...


Sure, nothing nefarious going on here. Business as usual. How many other market reporting agencies are getting kickbacks for early release? It begs the question if there are bonuses for massaging the data in certain directions. If so, the reaction would be --- What's wrong with that? If you aren't rich enough to influence the numbers, why then you shouldn't be trading.


Excellent technical analysis. I think a lot of data is leaked. But it doesn't necessarily work out in a particular direction, thus you could even lose money when you know abt the data ahead of time. In this case though, you are 100% correct, someone who sold ahead of the "leaked" data made good coin.

Joe Calhoun


This report is produced by a private company, not the government. Since they own the data, they can do with it what they want. If a government agency was taking kickbacks for early release, that would be a problem since taxpayers paid for it.


I find it annoying that a company is profiteering off proprietary reports that move the entire market. Wait, that's the entire investment banking model.


Paul, I guess the Michigan Consumer Sentiment report is also available early to subscribers...

I think Bespoke would do readers an amazing service if they could do a blog post breaking down subscriber available reports vs non-subscriber.


AS of October 30, this post is still true...

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I'm sorry, but there are so many people trying to build up a conspiracy theory about almost every issue in the world. As a matter of fact, this site is a conspiracy against economy.

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