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I believe the 4.58 target for C is too low, but I am sure they have good reasons for it.

What if the government holds on to its shares for a while, rather than selling them next month as being discussed, and the shares available for sale decrease?.

On May 31, when C was trading at 3.72 and the DJIA was at 8500, I said: C is going to 7 and DJIA to 9100+:

You do not believe me? See here: http://tinyurl.com/nkbhw4

Now that C is at 4.65 and DJIA at 9820, my 7 target for C does not seem far fetched, especially if a short squeeze happens over the next couple of months, as it is one of the highest shorted stocks in the S&P 500 (Cramer's target is 6).

See also http://invetrics.com Its daily DJIA index timing signal is up a respectable 54% for the year, and it is free of charge for individual investors.

Anthony Harrison

The amount of leverage that banks have exposed themselves to, has finally taken its toll, but what makes bigger larger banks like JPM still tick! JPM is going relatively strong, trading at $45 and gradually improving. It’s probably safe to say that JPM is probably in a bigger mess than Lehman Brothers just before it fell. I found a few things about JPM which I wasn’t sure I should know. Throwing a blind eye to it, would be like being a hypocrite…
In a bid to bolster non-interest revenues (trading revenues) JPM assumed leverage far in excess of its optimum capacity. Its oversized derivative exposure (notional value) has exploded to almost $80 trillion – a staggering 5-6 times the size of the US GDP. What’s more, the market exposure it had so far has been hedged among the coterie of large banks, exchanging the market risk for counterparty risk! The slightest disturbance could cause a financial storm within these banks. This could affect the financial system as well, keeping in mind that the total volume of derivative exposures in terms of notional value exceeds $200 trillion in the US.
There’s more in this report. Here’s the link:

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