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Excellent blog and lots of valuable information. It reiterates the fact that "buy and hold" is dead.

In my opinion, it is all a matter of market timing. It does not matter if it is gold, oil, or Microsoft, if you have access to good market timing signals, they will help you get in and out at a profit.

No guarantees in this business, but if they are right most of the time, you can still make $s.

There are many web sites providing them out there (search Google). Just find one that works and use it! Check out http://invetrics.com as an example.

Its Dow Jones index timing signals are up a respectable 52% for the year (as of 9/11/09) and it is free of charge for individual investors.

Following a market timing system works!


IBM is up 22% since 9/11. Yippee!! Wasn't it worth more than 300 bucks a share in the 1980's?



You're not taking splits into account for IBM. At it's low in the 80s, IBM was at $12. Its high for the 80s was about $43. So from its lows in the 80s, IBM is up more than 800%. From its highs in the 80s, it's up more than 150%.

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