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Gold is making a significant move, but given it is already near its highs for the year, the upside may be limited in the short term.

I believe the U.S. dollar will be the primary determining factor as to where gold goes next. And the U.S. dollar is influenced by how well stocks do (among other things).

A stock market correction over the next couple of months (if it actually happens) may strengthen the dollar and reduce upside for gold. But a stock rally into the end of the year, will likely coincide with the dollar moving lower.

it is all a matter of market timing to profit from any move in the price of gold or any other security for that matter.

There are may web sites providing market timing signals out there (search Google). Just find one that works and use it! Check out http://invetrics.com as an example.

Its Dow Jones index timing signals are up a respectable 51% for the year (as of 9/2/09) and they are available free of charge to individual investors.

Following a market timing system works!

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