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i get absolutely different readings for this on the S&P 500 stocks only, for current fiscal year estimate revisions. are you looking at a different period of estimates aside from fiscal year? here's what i have for the sp500 stocks

2.15 current avg
2.19 avg 1 month ago


yes of course the earnings will be revised up, since all that loss making debt has been transferred to the gov balance sheet.

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Buy Anadarko Stock... I balked not once, but 3 times, and could have made some serious money... I am an idiot for not taking this advice... It is at its high, but no worries, it was supposed to stop at $62, this company is the best company in the world in my opinion... Just look into them, they might got up 10 percent or more... Nothing major, but if we intro products that are in need, they are a top client that day... Buy Buy Buy, Anadarko stock...

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Technology Stocks to BUY now...

Look into a company called Dataram Corp. This is a memory company that has been around since 1967, they outlast over 200 competitors over this time, almost 300 companies... They dominate what they do... They are are not an expensive stock, but this stock will rise, you can bet on it!!!

Dataram just came out with this storage solution that they have worked on for over 1.5 years and another 2 years before Dataram bought the patens to offer this... They have a new CEO, 2 new VP's, ect... Basically 5/7 top executives have been replaced in the last 1-9 months... Seriously... This new group knows how to make money, customer support might be put aside with the energy they are putting into other areas... But honestly, who cares about customer support? Companies don't care about customer service anymore, which makes clients move from company to company... However.... Dataram just introduced a new products called XCelaSAN that could change the market/world on how they do storage... Well not for the companies that decided to get the high range systems for storage, spend a boat load of money because it was there, but get similiar to less results from what a small company might get from this... So Mid-Range storage systems this is geared towards, but they are open to looking into other areas and designing a solution for them...

The funny thing is that a client like Exxon Mobil would spend $10 Million Dollars to buy more storage without caring about money... But, if they went with this solution, they would get FASTER/BETTER Results than what they purchase as an upgrade and look foolish to the world... The classic line you hear from an oil company AFTER THIS mistake is that THEY DONT MAKE ENOUGH MONEY?!?!?!?!? I thought you all would love that!

Maybe it is because they say we dont care about money and will spend 5-50 times the amount NEEDED to spend to get the project done... When you have an unlimited budget to spend on IT and don't care about the future of the company at all, you spend the money or you loose the money... Sound firmiliar? The government maybe? So they buy 40 new cars for 28 cops because the money is there.... They pass on it, the money disapears? Well, that is not there fault then I guess, its whoever decided that!!!! So if they can fit $50 Million in there IT Budget and not do a thing, they will, even if they could get the same thing by working with a company like Dataram and spend $27 Million because memory is usually 50 percent or more of a spend than the entire system!!! So you buy the memory from an AMERICAN COMPANY and save maybe $23 Million dollars by doing what is RIGHT, your company actually takes away budget money? Hmmm... Interesting huh? America has become so easy... Purchasing directors should put down there foot and say wow! We could have saved WHAT?!?!?!? In this economy, do you not see this coming? It is the IT clients that buy whatever to make things easier FOR THEM that will soon loose there jobs and work at McDonalds, haha... These companies will bring in guys who can take $5Million off the budget, which is easy to do after the last guy put the golf ball down to tee-off a major improvement within the hour... The other guy finally saved the company money by getting LAID OFF, haha :)

Anyway, buy Dataram Stock, DRAM is the symbold, it went from $2 to over $4 in less than 3 days...

Maybe the CFO from Exxon got fired for not caring about cost, if Exxon sets up a contract with Dataram, or another Energy Giant, this stock will jump to $10/Share... Other markets also buy from Dataram, but the Sales rep that works in Oil and Gas should be working for IBM or Google, everyone wants to deal with him... Look him up if you want to buy memory, I found out his name is Rick Wenstrom, Dataram Corp. Princeton NJ... Everyone wants to deal with this guy, I heard about him when he was at Xerox, and he is only 27 years old! I am sure you will hear that he is a CEO in a company within the next 10 years...

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Anyway, buy Dataram Stock, DRAM is the symbold, it went from $2 to over $4 in less than 3 days...

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t is the IT clients that buy whatever to make things easier FOR THEM that will soon loose there jobs and work at McDonalds,

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do you not see this coming?

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