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Very interesting. Questions is, where is it heading next? Is the general concensus that the dollar is in for a protracted decline...and consequently stock are in for a big bull run?

Joe Calhoun

Yeah, well that holds up pretty well since 2002, but what about the late 90s? Obviously, the dollar and stocks rose at the same time. More interesting is the types of stocks that do well when the dollar is rising and when it is falling.


So we just need to keep turning our currency into toilet paper and we'll be at all time (nominal) highs. Yea money printing!


"...consistently been moving in opposite directions"

Consistently ? What about 4th Q 07 to 1st Q 08 ? Both looked like they were moving down.

Sometimes your work can be so sloppy to call into question your accuracy.


It would be nice to see this as several decades' worth of data.


Well, one day does not make a trend, but yesterday was a stock market melt up while bucky was UP as well.

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