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Making new highs without the support of the majority of stocks is a negative for the market.

Over the past 3 months or so this site has gone from being a neutral provider of stats and info to a rah rah bullish site. Way too many phrases like "lets hope this run continues" "lets hope the bears are wrong"

Any thought I had of joining the site is gone now.

Thx for the times when you were an unbiased site


+1 (though at least you can peer into the mind the bull)

Sadly, this used to be the first site I came to...


plus another one... BIG should come back to it roots

Josh Nettles

Give me a break. I don't see one post on this page that would suggest that Bespoke is a "ra ra bullish site." Seems like a few of you are stuck on the short side! This site is awesome!

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