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Yes, stocks have become much more expensive,and may consolidate a bit from where they are now.

However, using a good market timing system can help an investor profit both from the upside and downside of this market.

Consider http://invetrics.com Its daily DJIA trading signal switched to Short last Friday just before market open and allowed investors to profit from the sharp move lower on Friday morning.

The signal is up a respectable 47% for the year and it is free of charge for individual investors.

Penny Stock Newsletter

Excellent post! this case study gives me a lot of things to think about. I think this would be nice and helpful to others. Thanks for the post.

ed hardy

Agree. It's a good article that I can apply this for my routine. I loved it, so usefully. Thanks :)

penny stocks

great case study ! I am going to try it to my practices. ;~p

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I have been thinking to study economy in college next year. Actually, it is like my family's business, so I am a little pushed to do it. Great site. Thanx.

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