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Rob Dawg

What makes you think there will be a reversion to the mean rather than a mean tracking to the new ratio?

Seriously, IMHO this is nothing more than a lame attempt to pump petroleum prices. "In process" liquids are so out of whack it isn't an investment opportunity anymore but has become a supply chain disruption issue.

Henrique Simoes

I think its a good time to play this Ratio.

I wrote about that trade and the way to do it a few days ago on the Oil Trader`s Blog.


Robert Stevens

I have a lot of natural gas and would love to think of this as an aberriation where the ratio naturally narrows. But the same seems to have happened to gold and silver a few years ago. Gold trades at a much higher ratio with silver these days. A lot of money has been lost by those betting on a correction over the long run. A long run, indeed.

Jordan Sneakers

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