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One of your best posts! Also, what was the record high on this chart?


Maybe you guys can post an update to that chart.


Only in a market of fools (read: our society) would a "beat rate" matter instead of the actual numbers. So analysts lower the bar and companies beat it, and that's a good thing??? Who cares! Top line is not good. Bottom line is good because of job and expense cuts, inventory filling, etc.


This is a completely useless statistic. The analysts get the vast majority of their information from the companies themselves. So do you really think they are going to set the bar high for themselves?

If we were seeing a massive revenue increase, I might think this is great - kind of like the late 90s when the dot.com companies were blowing the lid off revenues. Of course, that didn't end well, but these earnings beats are due to cost containment - not growth. Certainly, it is good to see corporations managing effectively, but it doesn't justify the current price of the market.

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