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Henrique Simoes

I wrote about this correlation on my blog recently.

I am an Oil Trader and I am particularly interested in the oil market. Can you post a similar study about the Oil and US Dollar correlation?

I think it will be quite surprising.

By the way, I am posting my trading in real time at,


I am a great fan of your site. keep up the good work,

Damien Hoffman

This has been a nice tell during intra-day trading. Thanks for showing the big picture!



It would be particularly instructive to show the US equity - other markets (i.e. a performance differential) because the US Dollar is a relative measure i.e. it is measured against against other currencies.

Setting aside exchange rate effects on exports, oil prices etc, under the law of one price shouldn't we anyway expect the price of US securities to rise to offset a fall in the USD, and vice-versa, or is PPP theory too weak to apply to the stock market?

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This has been a nice tell during intra-day trading. Thanks for showing the big picture!

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