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Steve Mawson

THis chart is completely and utterly WRONG for Argentina, which has been experiencing HIGH inflation of over 20% real (gov't reported at just 10%) so where did you get 5.5% ??


This is the most inaccurate chart that I have ever seen. I really looks like something they pulled out of a cracker Jack box. What a joke. Yeah totally invest based on this inflation chart. you'll make money, Just not for yourself.


These figures are ridiculously untrue. Where did these numbers come from? Inflation rates in the U.S. are at -1.3%, huh? Is this why many people are shopping with a calculator when they go to the grocery store, are forgoing buying ice cream because they can't afford it, and why while some packaged items' price remains the same, the packaging is 12 - 20 % smaller? When calling the Haagen-Dazs comment line regarding this fact, they admitted that the cost of their raw ingredients had gone up quite a bit. Yeah, that makes sense! Invest with these inflation figures in mind and you too will not be able to afford ice cream in the supermarket.

Kevin Beck

Inflation=Rate of increase in the money supply.

Price increases are the result of inflation, not the cause of it. Therefore, I believe this information is invalid.


Hi Kids,it's a rate of change chart from last year to now....so last year we had high inflation,but this year we have seen price drops in some areas , we are sort of reliving the seventies .....


wow looks like everyone here is an expert. i'd like to say that the chart DOES look accurate, although it might help if you expanded the info of how you got the final number. ie: venezuela 27% out of what period?

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I'm amazed to know that a country like Egypt (big oil producer) has such a rate of inflation. It's strange to see that it doesn't matter how much money they can produce... For instance, Finland's levels are in the lowest, but they are not a millionaire country.

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