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high yield researcher

Do you have any charts to tell when a good entry would be for gold? Some elliot wave guys I know are looking for a gold buy in June.


Which is going to be a bigger factor, technicals or sentiment? With all of the hyperinflation and dollar weakness talk lately I have recently initiated a U.S. dollar index poll as an effort to determine current sentiment at my not so savvy low brow URL. The results will be posted after polling closes on July 4. I would really appreciate it if you could find the time to vote.

jack schweers

Us $ is trashed by an administration that does not have a clue how ouir economy works. It is all in favor of the unproductive and worthless at thecexpense of the productive and ambitious. This is the worst most corrupt and brainless administration in my 73 years of life. It seems that their intent is tomruin our country and rebuild a utopian daydream wherin the clique has every power and resource and the ordinary peasants have nothing and live like a pack of starving curs.

Ted Robinson

I see the biggest factors as being 1) fundamentals and 2) technical in that order


I am very lacking in writing skills, but I had to take my hat off to Shakazulu for his imput of May 13, 2009. That little excerpt of his feelings are absolutely the way I see it. Let those worthless corporations go broke. We ambitious individuals have to pay for jerks that don't give a hoot in hell how we suffer with their greed. How much tax can we continue to pay while our government is throwing it down a black hole? When will we say ENOUGH?


if the treasury secretary himself was delinquent, why pay taxes?


Silverthaw I think you have my comment confused with that of someone else, perhaps Jack. To be honest I am hopeful that the administration will do its best to serve the best interest of all American citizens. Of course, I should point out that I am also a realist who has lived through the collapse of a nation already and will never forget the lies, propaganda, deception and pain they caused for so many.

Ted, thanks for your response. Technicals can be a sort of trap from what I have experienced. Sometimes they work and sometimes they can be used to mislead. I just don't see funadamentals at work in markets at present but, then again, I don't have a time machine either.

Don Davis

Silverthaw, I believe you were referrring to Jack Schweers comment, and I agree with both of you. I guess it's the consensus of the old guys. I think Obama is being fairly responsible with his handling of Iraq and Afghanistan, but every other policy of this administration seems to be destructive. George Will just wrote a column in which he called the "political allocation of wealth and opportunity" the "central activity" of the Obama administration. An effective merger of General Electric and the U.S. government seems only a short step away with detrimental effects for the entire economy. The administration ridiculed the tax day tea parties across the country, but they were about far more than current taxes, and they were just the beginning. FDR Jr. wants to change the fundamental social structure of the country. I'm trying to invest to defend what little I have, but I'm also doing all I can to oppose his attack on individual liberty and free markets.

Jackie L Goldsmith

Take your 14k to 18k gold melt it and add zinc thus forms a dore bar place in in vault and hedge till market flucutate s up DO NOT KEEP in HALLMARK Form a company and charge rent on storage of stragetic metal When prices goes up sell small amount and declare long term gains.... The dollar is not worth the paper it is printed on and gold has always been a stable commodity and will remain stable of which the goverment can t take a commodity away from you like it can by freezing you monetary fund s if something drastically happens.

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