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Donald Johnson

Just goes to show how little visibility companies and analysts had late last year and into the first quarter.

What this says is that analysts were wrong 62% of the time.

Great track record, unless you figure they were low balling estimates in the hopes that their estimates would be beat and stock would rally as they have.

So maybe we're better off without estimates and guidance, considering what a lousy job they do for investors and speculators.

More important, how much are earnings down from a year ago and two years ago? I'm sure that chart is here somewhere?


This chart would be great for CNBC they love numbers like this that pull wool over peoples eyes.


Beat estimates! No, beat the estimators because they always, on purpose, get it wrong.


Anyone can beat estimates one quarter by cutting costs. I am looking at sales and those were terrible.

From WSJ today: while only 30% of S&P 500 companies have failed to top earnings-per-share forecasts, 62% fell short on sales

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