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Barbarians at the eights.


That was the worst analysis I have ever read on Gold. Good job......your the winner


This must explain why I cannot buy 1 oz or smaller coins or bars for less than 1K.


Coin dealers are making akilling ,1oz gold coins going for 1200 to 1800 usd...by August holders are going to be upset


if youre buying 1oz coins for mor ethan 950 youre a poor shopper


If your employer offered to pay you in Weimar German Marks, Zimbabwe currency, or U.S. Confederate Dollars.....would you accept the offer? What if the employer offered to pay you in Weimar German Gold, or Zimbabwe Gold or U.S. Confederate Gold...would you accept? I once had a discussion with an MA in Economics Graduate who informed me that paper currency was "Money" because the Government declared it to be, and I told him that my neighbor's Great Dane left deposits on my lawn that resembled "Cigars"...if the Government declared them to be cigars, would he smoke one?

Ripon Malhotra

Gold has proven itself time and again, to be a hedge against inflation. A small proportion therefore must be held in gold for long term, without bothering the short-term movement. Those holding gold could pass present difficult time with ease then those, who had no exposure to gold.

Ripon Malhotra


Another guy looking into his crystal ball.

Bill Brown

Gotta love those novice chart readers and crystal ball experts. Economic conditions will not allow Gold to retreat very far because the greedy manipulators like that easy money that playing gold gives them, in particular, the bankers.

Dean Malone

I just checked COMEX reports today and saw the following: 150,000 tons of gold in existence = 4B oz. The iShares GLD index portfolio has a capitalization = 2B oz. Does anyone really believe they're holding the real gold to back it? COMEX has contacts for 34M oz of gold in play but only 8.5M in "registered" and "eligable" (whatever the heck that means) in bullion in the warehouses. Can you say Ponzie scheme?

Moral of the story... own the real stuff - if you can find some to buy.


Mr Malone, what's the iShares index portfolio you are referring to? iShares COMEX Gold Trust (IAU) currently holds around 67 tonnes and SPDR Gold Trust (GLD) holds 1,127 tonnes. Both of which are a lot less than the 150,000 tonnes in existence...?


Well, it sure sounds like those of us who cashed out our 401Ks and took the 50% hit to do it and bought gold to keep the socialist administration from getting their hands on it and "redistributing our wealth" to the crack dealers and illegal immigrants are in for a big kick in the gut, doesn't it, if we listen to this fool!!! Well, I for one am not too worried. Gold WILL go back up -- it can't NOT go back up -- because our dollar is well on the way to being totally worthless as we are overtaken by the communist regime. So, I am still smiling over buying my gold when it was upward of $900 an oz and I am still hanging on to it. Fools like this can prattle nonsense all they want to, but I'd rather loose it my way than big brothers way.....and I really don't believe I am going to loose!!! ha ha ha.......laughing as I empty my bank account too.......so I can invest every cent I have got in gold!!!!

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