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Relax,their was a swine flu in 1976


Can we have the same analysis but for pharma stocks only?


When people are talking about the Swime Flu and the problems in mexico, one thing that has not yet been metioned is the fact that the medical treatment in mexico is nothing like the US. By this I simply mean that there are many cases of illness that people in mexico not only suffer but die from that is easily treated in america.


dj,,im sorry but your stupid and it makes me so angry that you think that we should just relax because there was a swine flu before. this is the present-that was the past. right now in the PRESENT the swine flu is killing many people and who knows--if you just keep treating it like nothing--then you'll be next to die from it if your not taking caare of yourself. so i dont care if you don't care- but its your head not mine!!!

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Hello i can believe that this disease has been with us since the 1918 and kill more people that has do now , its complicated

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