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Cardiff Giant

I used to visit this site more often as I had a couple friend who subscribed to your service. Unfortunately, your usually interesting analysis has too-often taken on a Larry Kudlow right-wing slant and made your service less appealing. As business people, you should leave the politics aside if you want to sell more subscriptions. Oh, and get off this crappy typepad domain if you want to build long-lasting value in this website.

a reader

Whatever goes on with DIJA is merely a symptom of wrong policies during the last 15 years. The end game will come soon, and our young president will have a chance to reshape America. Have a little faith.


And by Larry Kudlow right-wing slant, he means "the truth". Get over it, this guy is a marxist.


Soon they will have to change the name of this blog to the big cry babies, what's up your sub's don't know how to make money in a down market....you should start a poll on how many days will (not if) Wall street (nyse)will be closed down,so they can mark to market all that cds,cdo,etc,etc...crap....i'll bet 180 days


"WAR ON THE RICH"....I'm rich and I never did worse than I did under Bush! Real stock market returns of -60% and record deficits. Obama is a "Marxist" because he is proposing tax rates that are somewhere between Reagan and Clinton era rates!?! LMAO!

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amazing post about Presidential Starts: 1900 - 2009 thanks for sharing!!

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Critics of President Obama have used these statistics as ammunition against his policies

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I think Obama is the most hip for this generation


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I thinks this chart is developed by opposite
parties. They dont want to show the details of all the presidents of US. They just want to condemned barac obama nothing else......


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"WAR ON THE RICH"....I'm rich and I never did worse than I did under Bush! Real stock market returns of -60%

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You would think people would wake-up after that one, but no -- they keep looking for that pot of gold that will send them to Hawaii for the rest of their lives.

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