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Were companies really 'forced' to take government money? Well probably yes, but are they forced to keep it? NOOOOO! So if they don't really want it, give it back. No more complaints please. I think the money is just too good of a deal to give back, so most banks will keep it and complain about the restrictions. TOO BAD.

Mr. Fed up

This concept that America is hostage to continuing to pay bonuses to the scumbags who sold, marketed, and pushed these toxic assets is ridiculous. So far, the morons at the head of these businesses who absolutely proved that they are incapable of managing a safe level of calculated risk of assets, have been given an advantage over the companies that were better at managing their business, and thus didn't need a government bailout. If doing the right thing means that we lose some of the government bailout money, I think I speak for the American people in that we are ready to accept that. This mantra of "good people have to deal with the devil to recover from the mess created from greed and ignorance" is sickening.


I like bespoke's research a lot, but the cause-effect implication of the table is just way way off - how much did the U.S. financial stocks run up prior to Thursday - gigantic amounts! (hint, just take a look at the table in the story right above this one) - so they were due for a pullback - yes, it looks like it was *caused* by the ridiculousness out of Washington, and its possible it was, but I think its still a bastardization of the theory that one caused the other

p.s. - that was not a comment on Washington's actions, just an unbiased look at the stock price action
- as for what's coming out of Congress... truly devastating - they better get their act together and realize just what consequences their actions have


So-called top talents are merely suckers. Let them leave the US if they can really find a job elsewhere.

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