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If you know things will get worse before getting better, it is best to say so. If you say things will be ok and it doesn't happen in the short attention span of the public, they will lose faith before things turn around and make a recovery somewhat harder. just my opinion.

(sure seems like the 2012 election rhetoric has already begun on TV; attacks form everyone who thinks they are right on every issue, from every political persuasion. I'm thinking of disconnecting my TV permanently)


Bespoke folks do not sound all that reasonable. First of all, Obama needs to tell the truth to get support for his stimulus plan. Second, Obama has said many times that America will be a greater nation after the crisis. Third, Pelosi has to move on to her next task which happened to be outside the country. Does she have the luxury to stay home and celebrate her victory? Fourth, remember the market dropped more than 300 points when the Treasury Secretary spoke? Wall Street complained that his bank rescue plan lacks details, but he only meant to provide a framework. Actually, Geither’s plan will be great. The problem is that Wall Street thought he is another Hank Paulson who would get money from Congress and dump it into banks. The market threw a temper tantrum when they did not get it.


Welcome to "change". And by the way, Obama does not care about the stock market. In his mind, only "rich" people own stocks


You want happy talk from Obama? Are you in 3rd grade? I guess all websites like this should provide it as well.


Mike, you are a little flattering. They sound like babies crying for hope formula, but they deleted that message. I am a little disappointed because I use to these people a lot.

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