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Greg Feirman

That says it all. This whole selloff seems to be premised on a vague fear about nationalization and the endgame for the banks.


Tim the Temp has to stop bailing out the Banksters

Jody Wilson

You're mixing apples and oranges. Sure, the Dow is re-testing a low, but the S&P 500 hasn't yet reached the November 20th low of 740 - that's why the average S&P sector is still positive. Besides, diverging sectors don't necessarily indicate future strength. Sectors were beginning to diverge like crazy in 2007, and that signaled a weak market, not a strong one.

In S&P land, the test is NOT here.

Alan Wynnewood

When we achieved the November lows, most investers did not understand that a "debt deflation" was underway. They were thinking "just another recession." Europe is just beginning to experience its credit collapse. China is playing games, but can't keep it up for long. I enjoyed the rally off Nov 20. Don't kid yourself. Other sectors will be hit hard as the months roll by, depending on excess capacity in those sectors.

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