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Anyone earning / profiting paying Income Taxes - You can put your income taxes to work for you: The government will refund entire investments & more. A taxpayer –
investor can save, or receive more back on their taxes than what they invest, (ie: acquire ownership of solar power equipment and net money in your pocket). A Public Company with New Low Cost Patented Solar Power Technology that can be mass produced offers essentially a no cost / no risk
deal to investors with a 100% Federal Income Tax Credit. Invest $9000 and gain a $9000 (100%) Federal Income Tax “Credit” plus
expense deductions, plus earn income (25%) from the plant, plus a bonus ($90,000) on overall business, even though your principle is returned. Own equity in a valuable income producing asset – a Solar Power Plant instead of giving your dollars to the government (& the bankers) AND, help reduce pollution, energy prices, dependence on
foreign oil, as well as improve the economy and security in the US - all at no cost - using your tax liability. All verifiable. time & availability limited. More complete description here: tnns.org/energy-credit

Sheila Roche

As an aside, healthcare accounted for 17 percent of GDP and added 371,600 jobs last year. It's good to see that industry segment as one of the winners.

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