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dude, have some common sense when you write bull like this. Where are these HUGELY talented folks going to flee to? yet another tanking financial firm? Or will they go to a firm that did not make stupid decisions? if so isn't that the better option for everyone in the LONG term?


Wells Fargo hit 10 year lows on Feb. 19th. Is it a buy? Post your thoughts here:



The best talent from the firms will either leave to start their own shops or join a stronger firm like you said. We aren't supporting Wall Street in the post...we're simply stating that the winners and losers are being recognized due to the actions being taken.


"And second, the best talent will flee like the plague has hit, leaving the firms with the weakest employees. We already saw this today as Goldman's co-COO retired." Horrible 'example'. From the article: "He will not receive any sort of severance payment. He had planned to leave last summer, but as the markets eroded, he elected to stay with the firm, van Praag said." So this has NOTHING to do with limited pay. What wallstreet needs is accountability and a claw back clause. If you take government money, you should recoup $ given to mangers and brokers that caused you to require all this money.


This is quite true. In doing an industry review, most industries are holding an uptrend while a few financial industries are not. The S&P 500 is heavily financial, and this dragging the market down. The breadth is not there behind this down move though.


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