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Striking how all the stats on this market are continuously keeping company with the 1930's, isn't it ?

If the market is telling us anything, it's telling us this is Great Depression II.

Tom Chechatka

Amazing. 408 days without a 20% pop. Interesting, too, is how voices expressing doubt in the staying power of this rally off November's bottom seem to be widely present. No doubt, this environment really is getting to be quite the freak show. However, the McClellan Oscillator appears nicely positioned for a continuation of the rally off late-November's bottom, though.

It will be interesting to see how the market behaves as indexes approach levels last seen the week Lehman Brothers failed. Some 20 billion shares were exchanged on the NYSE that week, and you have to think most are underwater right now. It seems reasonable once mid-September levels are approached one ought to expect some increased measure of selling to develop. How well shares are absorbed then should give some better indication of what's to follow.

I'm not particularly sanguine. (Yet seeing how this makes 2 out of 2 comments concerned for the financial future, I'll chill for now...)

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These numbers are really shocking. This is a very critical situation, isn't it? the thing in the economy is not just numbers, but also and mainly, what they imply in the real world.

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