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Not really. While the market reflects the downturn....real food prices have yet to adjust. The only items that have moved substatially are energies. Again food items will not downturn for another 2 months. So the consumer is actually saving about $2 a day until Feb. But by then it will be too late.

Tom Chechatka

Personally, I feel the wild fluctuations in basic commodities prices such as we have seen this year do more to create instability and feed uncertainty than rightfully should be tolerated.


I Agree. But the wild fluctuations are from hedgies and retirment funds moving at the speed of sound to different places to make money. Thus the average Joe was paying their interest at the pump and the grocery store for the last 8 mos and now he is tapped out. In a nutshell the " funds " created this recession...o at least made it this bad.

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