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In the words of Rainman... "K-mart sucks."

Sears is slowing dying.

You cannot take over a major retailer like Sears and run it like a Kmart discount store. All the old Sears people who new how to run the company have retired or been let go in lieu of the cheaper and less competent Kmart managers.
Going cheap in running the company has ruined the reputation and effectiveness of the company. Move over Montgomery Wards !!!


Eddie Lambert is not a retail excutive by any means. He should stick to what he knows best and that is making money and let the ones who know retail run the show. I truly beleive it is to late for Sears. Sears put itself in this position years ago and allowed someone like ELS to take it over. An American ICON is dying and it may not see another Christmas. I don't blame Lambert I blame the ones that put Sears in this position years ago.

James Cramer

No, you guys are all wrong -- Edie Lambert is a genius

I am doubling up here -- its gonna be a home run



Dearest Jim,
I'm, afraid you are wrong, my dear. You don't work at Sears or Kmart. You don't see what's going on there on a daily basis. I've been seeing and living it for years. If this company does not stop operating 10-15 years behind the times, it'll be gone soon. If you lost $5 Billion on a white elephant no else wants, would you really want to keep it? Sears is an old company still relying too much on old customers(who are dying on a daily basis) to keep it going. If Sears doesn't do a complete transformation of itself and get out of the box and the Stone age, you'll live to eat your words, but I hope not. Right now I wouldn't buy Sears stock if Warren Buffett himself financed the transaction. I wouldn't ask the man to throw his money away even though I know he could afford it. Not many of us can.

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