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SuperDave (not the stuntman) from Dallas

I think you are confusing Bush 43 with Bush 41. Since 43 (aka "W") has been POTUS, his home has been the ranch outside Crawford. Before that, he lived in Austin for 6 years while he was Governor of the Great State of Texas. Before that he lived in Dallas; and before that, in Midland. He grew up in Odessa and was born in New Haven, CT. Houston is a fine city, but if he ever lived there I don't think I would call it his hometown.


Whoa, that is interesting.

In hawaii, we are lagging the market too. We have room to fall, imo. Anyway, I'll look deeper into this later. thanks bro.


Business Guide

i think there is a need of some confidence building measures by the govts in order to see rise in business activities specially stocks markets.Confidence of investors have been shattered drastically & it will take time.Oil is also on rise which will boost the investors

Business Guide

I think stock markets are volatile yet.We should keep a low profile yet or day trade can be a solution to some extent.Few confidence building steps need to be taken for the confidence building of investors,may be govt can help.Lets hope for the better

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