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Your question was will the dow reach "between now and the END of 2009", so that includes all of next year (2009)... not between "now and 2009" which would only include this and next month. So, which is it? I voted how the question was originally asked.

Tom Chechatka

I still think that no option given to a HIGHER close in '09 raises the probability this is the path of least resistance...



We like your bullishness, but it's mathematically impossible for the low of the Dow between now and the end of 2009 to be HIGHER than its current level. Therefore, we couldn't make a HIGHER close an option.



Pathrick Neid

Throwing out the outliers the market will bottom at 7500 or 5000.

I would feel much more comfortable had there been several thousand respondents. Personally I voted 7500 based on this being a 1974 redux.


Distribution looks about right considering how much fear there is out there. DJIA won't go lower than 6,000.

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Well, I had estimated that Dow would low to 5000, but I guess I didn't have many reasons to say that, did I?

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