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Owner Earnings

Bailouts' Unintended Consequences

Within the next 12 months the yields on treasuries will begin to rise. This is because the fools (China etc.) who have been willing to accept low interest rates will be tapped (China has a stimulus package of their own to fund etc.) out.

This will cause all interest rates to rise, which will make the housing market worse. If it gets too much worse then the stability of the financial system will once again be the main concern.

Shorting treasuries seems like a rational investment, but yields may decrease before they increase.


ah,O E,China are know "fools",they are playing the long game. China holds 2 trillion of other country bonds,so usa anothers are paying for there stimulus. e.g. 300billion to replace rail tracks over the next 7years,and were will they buy steel? so in other words they will be giving back the T bills(bonds)

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