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Then do the opposite of what he says - buy, after everyone has sold.

chris pyper

If people are still dumb enough to listen to Cramer then they deserve what they get. Shows like his do more harm to the average investor than good.


Jim Cramer is a charlatan.

Andrew Abraham

Members of Myinvestorsplace.com notified me that the VIX has reached the highest level ever... if that is not a contrarian signal.. .I do not know what is...

But ...like oversold..and overbought... nothing is an absolute... do you think we will waterfall... or this is the bottom... we the members of Myinvestorsplace.com would like to hear your opinions.. thank you


Let's get the pollyannies to form a lynch mob... and hang him. (lol.)

This market falling wasn't his fault... as the financial tsunami can't be blamed on just one person. The daily swings we are seeing have come from individuals thinking that we only should see good times... Well those that thought we only see good times... probably forgot to save for a rainy day. Here is the rainy day... cheers to the stupid people.

Gordon Geoko

Didn't Bud Fox do something like this in Wall Street!? Hand cuff the guy!

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