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It does not matter if you loose a days pay. Obama can redistribute money from those who went to work to those who take the day off to vote for him. Problem solved!

Joe Jibroni

Whoa, whoa, wake up early and vote? You sound like that cowboy capitalist, Bush! I never read the constitution, but I'm pretty sure somewhere in there it talks about our right to sleep in...


Not setting the right tone? That's an understatement if I ever heard one. It clearly gives the average worker the idea that Obama doesn't have a clue about how the average worker puts food on the table. We need to work! The idea of taking the day off is not only ridiculous, it's downright insidious.
Fresno CA


Lol, lets be logical now guys. You really think that this is more than a figure of speech to emphasize the importance of going out and voting? It is ridiculous to read into it any more than that.

Let's rework the stats based on only 50% of people (give or take) support obama and therefore will listen to him. Of those 50% how many realistically would take the day off ? 1%?

I heard the response from McCain was "what we need you to do is be a patriot and go out shopping, then if you have time on the way home maybe swing by to vote. I'm so serious about getting this economy back on track that I'll sacrifice winning this election if you all go out and shop, even if it means you don't have time to vote. I'm John McCain and George Bush approves this message.


Why not have election day on a Saturday? Yes, some people have to work, but it would greatly the number and would increase turnout.



I'm not voting for Obama, but come on, when people make arguments against him based on garbage like this it really has me reevaluating his merits in a positive way.

Ok, he's suggesting in an offhand way that no one is going to take seriously to burn 38 billion, by taking a vote more serious than a day of work. What of the thousands of billions burnt by the current administration?




That was burnt by Congress, they're in charge of the budget, remember?

Comrade Obama takes labor union tactics to the national level.


All that really matters is after Nov.4 , the dow will be testing a new low before end of Nov. The Obama rally will be short lived.

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