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Just FYI... although the iShares AGG ETF is -10% in price this month (9/30 close through today's intraday), the underlying index (LBUSTRUU [INDEX] on Bloomie) is only -0.89% as of yesterday's close. The ETF has been trading at an increasingly large discount to its published intraday NAV (the discount was last quoted at ~8%).


You may want to revise this article; we are now 50 DJI points from the worst EVER.


what has been the performance of the market a week, month, quarter after those historic weeks?

Frank Miller

Now, five tough days for the market and counting. Investors really need to make changes to their investing strategy if they have not already, especially since the market has not hit the bottom yet.. This means move money into T-bills and municipal bonds and invest some overseas to guard as a hedge against the coming inflation of the US dollar. I use offshore bank accounts for this and they have helped me. If you would like to learn more, feel free to visit my site.

Frank Miller


No, this week should be THE worst week in history. Remember the trading day on December 1914? The Dow retroactively re-adjusted the index price upto the day the market re-opened after the outbreak of WWI. The 24% drop on that week of 1914 is artificial created by record-keeper.


That would be a bingo for Mr. Falcon.

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