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Joe Jibroni

Soak the rich! Soak 'em good!


Government needs to get the hell out of the way of business! Then HONEST businessmen will have a chance.

Michael S

Wouldn't it be more appropriate to look at taxes paid relative to earnings rather than revenue? Think about two companies with equal revenues: ABC and XYZ. ABC has low profit margins and XYZ high. XYZ might pay significantly more taxes than ABC relative to revenue, but that isn't necessarily unfair if they are on par relative to earnings.


Michael S,

You're right. There are a number of ways you could look at it, but we were actually giving other sectors the benefit of the doubt since profit margins are so high for a sector like tech and so low for a sector like energy.

Michael S

Interesting. So you're saying that the results would have actually been more pronounced had you used earnings instead of revenue. Scary stuff.

Thanks for all the great work!

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