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Tell me something Bespoke, do you ever publish anything political that does not obviously favor the Republicans?

What about the fact that the stock market has gone down as McCain has gained a lead! Wow! That's amazing! He must be causing it!

Where is your normal correlation-not-causation-bullsh*t?

Joe Jibroni

I think what Damien fails to realize is that the folks at Bespoke are, in addition to running a relatively new money management and research operation, ranking members of Skull and Bones, the Illuminati and the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. How else can one explain the outlandish partisanship of merely showing a poll in which McCain has pulled ahead of Obama on what many considered to be a very positive night for the Democrats. If you draw a line between Justin's house and Paul's house, you'll see they are equidistant from the boyhood home of William F. Buckley.

Relax guy and enjoy your Bespoke...

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