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what periods were higher than 47.3% bears?


There are fewer bulls Pamplona(wall street)means a boring summer rally.

San Fran Sam

couple of points...

As shown, this is a very volatile chart. I would like to see a moving average along with it.

Second, is this or its moving average a leading, lagging, or coincident indicator? Plotted against the SP500 would be useful.

My guess would be lagging, or coincindent at best.


the bottom in 1998 was really scary. Remember rumors of leh going bust and many financials were down 5-10% at the day of the bottom.
The market seems to be a slow moving trainwreck. When will the real panic occur? It just seems that there is alot of money on the sidelines looking to get in on any bounce.
the mother of all bubbles will not bottom with a whimper but a bang.

what has been the worse sentiment readings and at what period of time?

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