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You guys have to be kidding. You're showing correlation, not causation. This statistical hackonomics lowers Bespoke in my mind.

Here's a chart of oil to the SPX - pretty close to what you're showing and probably a more LOGICAL reason for a sell-off.



i thought you guys were smarter than this....

yes, Barack's islamic, masonic gnomes from Zurich brainwashed Greenspan to inflate the credit bubble and Mozillo to get orange with his tan while dishing out the negative am. subprime loans.


again, talk about the lamest post ever.


Barry Ritholtz's band of Tin Foil Hat conspiracy theorists would take issue with this thesis


Are you serious with this stuff?


This is absurd. The fact that you added trend lines as an attempt at clarification is laughable, and it puts your pseudo-analysis on a level with astrology.


Right data, wrong interpretation. You have the causation backwards. The falling economy and market are leading more to support for Obama.

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