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care to do that in some kind of adjusted dollars, so we have similar types of apples?


this should be a log graph; not a linear one!!!!


What does it matter - inflation adjusted dollars? Wages haven't increased in 7 years, and the dollar's drop hits Americans at the gas pump.


Let see in 1 year.
Hope the market will cool down but I think the graph is much to small. Any links for future graphs?

Dr Spock

The bubble has burst.
Look for 60 oil shortly.


Oil down to $115 a barrel from $147. 22% drop but not reflected in the price of gasoline. Should have dropped .88 from $4.00 to $3.12, but didn't and won't due to the squeeze from big oil. Why don't people know about this and demand accountability from Bush Administration? The cost of living rises, wages are static, everyone except the upper 2% suffers, but where is the hue and cry? Vote.

Daryl L. Hunter

Looks like the hockey stick global warming chart!

anna c

Moves by the CFTC to try and regulate the oil trading market and prevent the kind of speculation which has seen crude oil prices rise from $30 per barrel back towards $70+ this year took an interesting twist yesterday when it was announced that the weekly COT data would now include new details on the aggregate holdings of the big Wall Street dealers, hedge funds and other financial participants. COT data is a useful market sentiment tool but as many of the market participants both hedge and speculate it has become increasingly difficult to analyse. According to the CFTC the new format will be making its debut next Friday.

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Below we highlight a chart of oil since 1990 with various price points included. It would be hard to draw a more vertical line since oil hit a low of $50.48 in January 2007.

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