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Wow,great analysis. This will help identify what to do the next time there is a 2% rise in the market within a 15 minute time frame.

Pecked to Death by Ducks

May I suggest another study? We need an analysis of the number of brokerage houses colluding to induce a movement during the last half hour Friday PM trading. Do a cross reference to the number of martinis consumed at the late lunch hour and most importantly, the amount of tax-payers (government) money lend out at super-low rates to these institutions to provide the movement liquidation. ;-)

All in the same bed

Can brokerage house collude in holding "buy" orders until near the close and turn them all loose at once? Something happened here that doesn't meet the eye. Let them play all their cards, one at a time if they wish, it will not improve the health of the economy which is "sick unto death".....I will stick it out... let the "C" wave begin ...

Pecked to Death by Ducks

Oops...I should have used the term "financial institutions" instead of "brokerage houses".

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