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This was the data I was waiting for to jump back into the market! Can you do a breakdown of blondes vs. brunettes?


I knew, that THIS was the reason :)
Despite Buffett destroying the bond insurers ;)


This fallacious "indicator" is a classical application of the birthday paradox. It stems from the fact that proponents of these types of indicators have the luxury of ignoring all data sets that don't correspond to the positive performance of the S&P. It is trivial to generate any number of these. Just find large sets of data that have annual events recorded. Weather data, billboard charts, sporting scores, etc. Now simply discard all of the data sets that don't match the . The data sets that are left will be "indicators" of that event. Better indicators of S&P performance are events that are actually causally related (at least in theory) AND show a strong statistical correlation to the performance of that index.


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