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Too much optimism. No real spike down, just the sand papering, dribbling down, slow deterioration of a medium term bear market. Everyone keeps talking about the Fed inter meeting cut, about a potential bounce, which means the bounce will be delayed until they give up. Even Intel's gap down doesn't seem to REALLY scare people, just another slight blip down. I hope we get something scary by Friday, so that we can bounce properly on the early Fed cut.


Yep, no fear here. Skip those sentiment polls, and pay more attention to VIX and Equity Put/Call ratios.

Sentiment poll said many are bearish, but the investors actions in VIX and P/C ratios show that they are still in wonder land, waiting for FED and Bush.

When VIX spike and P/C show investors to be very bearish, I will then cover my inverse funds.



Pecked to Death by Ducks

Optimism is based on not recognizing the difference between numbers in millions and Bbbbbbbbbbbillions

Pecked to Death by Ducks

Optimism is based on not recognizing the difference between numbers in millions and Bbbbbbbbbbbillions


i would not call it optimism. rather, it's just realism. if everyone, or at least a majority, are accepting that a bear market of unknown length is here, then why be afraid? also, ive never felt the VIX was just a fear gauge and is just a much of an uncertainty gauge (which can be equated with fear). so if we are certain that the direction of the market is down, once again, why be afraid?

Mark W

In the summer the Federal Reserve did not act quickly and decisively so the VIX spiked up. Only until recently does it appear that the Fed is prepared to take action to deal with the current slowdown.
Mr. Market is not going take any aggressive short positions so long as deeper rate cuts are in the cards in the near future.

Greg Feirman

I totally agree with Ryan. I think that people have come around to the view that it's going to be a long, grinding bear market. So you're not going to see these huge spikes in fear. And you probably won't see as much of the panic selling we saw in August. But you'll see selling.


Or is it just volatility being more volatile?

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