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This analysis seems flawed to me.
The fact that there are more institutions in this decile suggests that the "smart money" is buying stocks at a bargain price with the expectation that there will be greater gains when it bounces back.

It seems to me that the
analysis should be between the percentage owned by institutions 6 months ago (before October peak) and owned now to find which deciles they have left in greater numbers.



Thanks for your comments. The institutional holdings data is from the most recent quarter and not in real time. The stocks with the highest institutional ownership were already held by the institutions prior to the declines over the past few months. If anything, the large declines indicate excess selling of their holdings and not excess buying.


houston has a problem, institutions have positions in excess of the legal authorized outstanding. Yep, which means the trade is once again mininting inventory it can not deliver.

problem, yes indeed de.

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